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I began attending Gathering Silence at the beginning of lockdown and it was the best self-care decision I made. It has now become an essential part of my meditation practice. Lisa’s wisdom, insights, teachings and guidance enrich and heal. It is a space of friendship and support in which to share, to connect, reflect, or just simply to be. So grateful to Lisa and the group. [Catherine, Dublin]


Lisa truly is a special lady. Her Gathering Silence evenings are a highlight of my week and have been a total godsend in the craziness of 2020. She has created a space I can rely on to connect, both with a group of likeminded women and to the deepest part of myself. Lisa leads the group in the most beautiful and humble way, expressing with uncommon grace and candour the universality of the challenges we face in dealing with the relentless chitter chatter of the mind. Week by week she encourages us (and herself) to keep coming back to the centre of calm that we can find through meditation and, crucially, to be kind to ourselves [Jo, Brighton]


Being able to connect to this weekly group Lisa has gathered has been a real lifeline during this strange, distracted year. Each week, listening to Lisa's thoughtfully chosen words has been an opportunity to reflect, be kind, and connect in a real way with other lovely women. I'm so grateful for the headspace, the practice, the sharing and laughs. [Kate, Belfast]

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