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Although I had been aware of meditation / mindfulness for some time,

I only started to practice in earnest 8 years ago.


In 2013, when I was 30, I hit a rock bottom emotionally, physically and spiritually which became a very clear turning point in my life. Since then I have been, and continue to be, on a journey of recovering who I really am beyond anxiety and addiction by cultivating an authentic connection to myself and others.

Meditation has been key to this.

Creating the space in my life (and my head) to be present and not ruled by my racing thoughts has been transformative. It has opened up a space between the real me and the ‘thinking me’. It has given me tools to manage the anxiety, self judgement and negative thinking that were crippling me, and has increased my capacity for love

- for myself and others.

At the end of 2020, after living there for 20 years, I moved from London to Holywood, County Down. Although there were a lot of uncertainties at that time, one thing I knew was that I was bringing Gathering Silence with me! 

Whether you are curious about meditation or already have your own practice - this is for you! 

I look forward to us sitting together,


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